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Friday, February 13, 2009

Cold & broke down

Sorry for the lack of reading material over the last couple of days.

I went on a road trip to pick up my new dog and wound up broke down in the middle of nowhere at -17C.

What did I learn?

When I asked myself if I should take my big winter boots on a 2 hour drive in sub-zero temps, the correct answer should have been YES! I am officially a dumb-ass for answering no. I was well-clothed and reasonably warm except for that deliberate oversight.

I also found that those little emergency heaters with the wick in the little can, do very little in a cold van. (read totally $%&*^$! useless)

I will be taking a serious hard look at my car kit ASAP. I think my first addition will be a spare "Black Cat" Catalytic heater that I have. It's small and will run for hours on a disposable tank. In a small space like a minivan, I would have been toasty. Just need to remember to roll down a window a bit to prevent oxygen deprivation.

I'll post an update in the future on what I chose to put in it. Suggestions welcome!

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