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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Floored by talk radio

This morning, AM 1340 talk radio, it was just before Neil Vortz' show around 8:45am central time, caught the tail end of the discussion, I got this.....

The power is out and your family is hungry. All you have is a loaf of bread and a lb of ground beef and no electricity. What kind of meal can you make? I was stunned, no one knew! Then there was some stupid woman who called in and said that you couldn't make anything with it but ground meat and a loaf of bread!

Is it possible that the majority of people do not know how to make a fire and then cook something edible on it? How is that possible? Have we gotten so self absorbed and lazy that we have lost the basic instinct for survival?

Our grandparents didn't need all these modern conveniences we surround ourselves with and they ate just fine. They didn't rely on a drive to the grocery store every day for their meals.

Here now we have a winter storm warning. This storm has been coming for 4 days now, all over the news. People are so wired for the short term and are still waiting until the very last minute. This morning, the local grocery was packed! A line of cars on the highway waiting to get into the parking lot. It turned my stomach looking at them knowing that all those people live around me and are not smart enough to have more than one day worth of food in the homes. The coming storm is not enough of a warning for people to be prepared ahead of time. Here we are at the last minute, running to the grocery store right before the big snow/ice storm hits! How many of those people bought things that need to be in the fridge? How many of them have no other heat source but their electric furnace? My next thought is- why buy food for a house that you won't stay in because it's freezing cold? Will they take their food with them when they leave? I doubt it.

Please, people, wake up and learn some basic survival skills so you can take care of yourself and your family. Please, prep the basics at the very least and learn how to prepare meals with them. Stop thinking short term and start thinking about the real storm that's coming.

Stay safe and warm thru the storm and keep prepping!


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