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Monday, February 2, 2009

Inventory Check: Rubbing Alcohol

Having a good store of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) and any other medical supply is essential when preparing for WTSHTF or emergencies/disasters.

Usually, your local dollar stores will have bottles of rubbing alcohol for a dollar each. We buy about 2-5 a month, and since we only use 1 bottle every 2 months, we are working to have lots stored.

It has uses other than cleaning wounds. We've read that some people use it as a deoderant.

What if you run out of rubbing alcohol? Try vinegar or vodka. Also, hydrogen peroxide is good for cleaning wounds, and is also found at the dollar store for a dollar.

Rubbing alcohol is good for cleaning medical supplies, like needles and scissors. If you don't have any, perhaps soaking them in voda, or getting them VERY hot (hold the needle in the flame of a candle) would do just as well.

Summary: check your inventory of rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and vodka! Then go buy some more!


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