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Monday, February 2, 2009

Earning Money At Home

An important part of being self-reliant is not being part of someone else's bankroll. If you depend on a business that you don't really have any say in, you not only won't give it your all, but you could be let go at any time. Especially in this economy.

I love reading survival-type blogs, especially Very often, these different websites address this quandry. Do you continue to live in a city, near a job that takes much of your time for little money, or do you save up to buy a place away from civilization, doing something that you love for (usually) little money? In this economy, it's an important decision.

You need to discuss the situation with your entire family. Everyone you live with. Look at things realistically. If you stayed where you are, and stayed with your job(s), are you happy? Do you make enough not only to live on but also to store up? To see you through worse times, like a blizzard or total dessimation of the economy?

But to be truly self-reliant, you will probably choose to NOT work for someone else.

Take a look at the things you and everyone in your family love to do. Your hobbies. Specialties. Skills. Dreams. Loves. Strengths and weaknesses. What about things you would do if you had land? Make a list of all of these. Do you do them well enough to sell? See if any of them can make you money. Is there are market for what you do? Research other families or small businesses that do what you're considering; how much money do they make a month/quarter/year?

How much do you need to buy some land and live somewhere else? Can you do it while you're working at your job? Do you have any experience running a business? If not, take a business course. Talk to business owners. Surf the web. School yourself.

Take some time to really think about this.


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