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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Polar Expedition Gear Review

. The zip T-neck goes up much higher than crew necks, a great feature. "Good moisture wicking ability. The zip T-neck goes up much higher than crew necks,.also the zip neck lets you cool down when needed and zip it up to maintain your warmth. As always, proper layering is a must. . Consider this a must have for extreme cold with proper layering." a lot of great feature's. I received this as a Christmas gift in the size XL I normally wear and it fit perfectly, a high quality product made in the USA which is a rare things these days." This was a great gift since I working on a few more cold weather gear items.... Pack boots are next on my list to procure! I wore this one day during blackpowder season with a vest temps at around 38 degrees a decent amount of wind and truly was comfortably warm!

Adopted for use by the U.S. military, including the Special Operations Forces, Polartec® Power Dry is exceptionally effective at wicking moisture away from the skin. The dual-surface system has a tough outer layer for rapid dissipation of sweat that has been drawn away from the skin by the inner layer. This leaves a soft, dry surface next to your skin. And because layering is an essential part of cold-weather protection, the outer fabric is smooth-faced, so other layers slip on easily. Our Polar Weight Zip T-Neck delivers incredible warmth with minimal weight. It incorporates a high-loft grid channel back for enhanced breathability and superior moisture wicking. Offers even greater compression than conventional fleece for easier packing. Made in USA. Sizes: M-2XL. Camo pattern: Seclusion 3D®.

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