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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Safety Goggles For Emergencies

I don’t have even one pair of goggles in my house or car. That will change after today. Eye protection is one aspect of preparedness that I haven’t thought too much about. I’ve considered particle respirators, rubber gloves and disposable gowns for emergencies such as pandemic flu, but until now I haven’t given much thought to goggles.

Safety goggles can protect your eyes, not only from the flu virus, but from chemical contaminants in the air. The are a crucial item to have available for all members of your family. Even swim goggles or masks are functional in a pinch, but for a small price you can have some of these for everyone in your family;

There are several discount sellers of OSHA approved safety goggles on the internet. Make sure you get the type that protect against chemical splashes. I plan on having a pair in each survival bag and one in my desk at work. Don’t forget goggles in your survival preparations. Your eyes will thank you!


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