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Monday, February 9, 2009

A possible survival (retreat) plan for people still in metropolitan areas

TOR is out in the woods doing G.I. Joe stuff today and Steve was awesome enough to ensure something got posted for you all.

This is just one idea on a plan for survival.This plan will take cash especially in these uncertain times but will only work if you are a( true believer and have tunnel vision) to the new realities at present. Remember the present DC legislators have already had several meetings on possibly rolling IRAs, Keogh's,and 401ks into the present social security system which means you won't have access to your money anyway(It will be part of the ponzi mess). Also remember most of the present 401ks , IRAs and Keogh's invested in stocks bonds etc have lost a lot of funds already and will loose more in the coming months so what have you got to loose by getting your hands on whats left and thinking of yourself and family first! Sell all unnecessary toys: boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and other excess stuff while there are still people able to buy(again tunnel vision cash is king for right now)!

To really be free of the system and to give your self options while your still employed before you become a statistic is to find a piece of land away from the major cities. You want to be at least 2 hours away to give yourself some distance from the unhappy hordes and be close enough to get there if you have to! Buy a Atlas Gazetteer topo map8002271656 very detailed of the state you want to bug out to and make a circle 2 hours from your present location. Look for areas with little or no population bases if possible. Drive to the area and check out for signs on property,Realtors adds in papers etc. Paying cash is the best way but if you have limited funds you can do a down payment with small monthly payments remember again that (eventually when shtf )the last thing you will have to worry about anybody being left around to foreclose on any property. Second a shelter- a fast easy way is a used travel trailer or motor home check Craig's list and your local nickel papers etc. and place in the middle of the property out of view of the major road if possible. Start caching your items you will need for survival -one way is with a lockable steel container. Another way is to direct burial. The main idea is to secure most of your items prior to bugging out.Remember time is limited now that we are in a depression and Obama wants to increase bailout funds so we are on a big snowball heading downhill fast now! Good Luck Steve


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