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Saturday, February 7, 2009


The word is getting out. We are in a DEPRESSION. The fedgov will admit to 7.8% unemployment. That means we really have almost 16% out of work. Got your property all worked out and paid for? Got your partners in survival ready to head for the retreat? Got your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids all ready to hand out? Has all of your friends stopped listening to government news? This is not going to get any better. It is going to turn to shit. We are a step away from living on a government bubble. I read this morning that 14% of us are working for the government right now! Those fedgov workers are getting by okay right now but the lay-offs could come.

I read that this Summer we will face some very high food prices. Got your survival garden in or at least planning on it once this damn snow quits? The media is calling for Victory Gardens, just like they did back in WWII. I know how Americans look at Victory Gardens. One guy plants and at harvest time nine guys come and reap the Victory and the crop. So stands the American citizen this February of 2009. It is going to be very ugly on the food front. There ain't much even a lazy, no-good sonovabitch won't do to feed his kids, even if it means taking food from YOUR kids. There are some damn fine people out there trying to stay alive through this mess and I don't want to see them get ripped off by some by some motherlovin' system clones. Pearls asked what a Zombie was. A Zombie, Pearl, is one of the living dead. They breath air and drink water and recycle groceries but their humanity leaves off right after that. I have met these creatures and tried to have a conversation with them and it was impossible. They just don't think on our wavelength. You can do whatever you like with them. They won't notice any difference. They are Zombies.

But lets get back to the garden thing, You had better get ready to plant a whopper. I know some of you are tired of me talking about Big John Lipscomb's bulk seed deal but it is a damn good thing, a damn good idea. And the price is right! The main idea of Survival Seeds is to be able to SAVE seed from your crop for next years garden. This is not a popular concept with the commercial seed growers across the land but it sure is popular with me! YOU CANNOT FALL INTO A TRAP OF THINKING IT WILL BE OVER WITH BY NEXT YEAR, BECAUSE IT WILL NOT END FOR A LONG TIME. Obama says that. Peter Schiff says that. George Ure says that. Big John says that. Charles Bell says that. And Michael Boone says that. So get your garden in using non-hybrid seed, and get in a good one. Grow double what you think you will need. Triple if you can pull it off. You will have relatives and friends who will be pulling at the strings of your heart and wanting some food.

Security preformed on your garden is of high priority. I'm tellin' ya'. People will steal your food! They do not give a rat's ass about your belly, it's their belly that rules them. You had better have your garden hidden or you had better have a guard on it at night. And this is not easy to cause to happen! We are not used to living within a group and having to pull security on our property. But when only 10% of the citizens have a garden what else can you do? That means 90% of the people will be out looking for food and you might have some of it growing in your back yard. Rough men will come in the night and take your food, and some rough women might do the same thing. Do not let these people have your food! At least not without paying you something or at least bartering for what they get. Once you get it canned or dried and then put away you are much safer in your possession. And that is what prepping is all about. Some people have made some very big mistakes concerning the economy of this nation and this world and we are being forced by common sense to prepare for hard times. And part of the hard times is knowing that 90% of the people will ignore the warnings and when times get tough they will come rip you off. We live in a Christian nation and thus we must have guns to keep our food in hand. Unless someone is out there helping you keep the weeds down in you garden, they ain't entitled to a damn thing beyond your mercy, if you chose to dispense mercy. I say dispense lead in their direction but you do as you will. Stay alive.



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