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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stock Up Challenge Week #11

from by Betsy

Are you ready to get back into stocking up mode? I’ve noticed that EVERYTHING has gone up in price. So, in addition to survival insurance, stocking up will be inflation insurance too!

Why is it I’m always replacing my pasta and sauce? My kids love it and sometimes we have it twice a week. So, I’m always replacing stores. Buy what you like and will use and you won’t have to think too much about rotation - it’ll take care of itself.

2 Jars Spaghetti Sauce

2 Packages Spaghetti

2 Cans Tuna

4 Cans Stewed Tomatoes

1 Bottle Mustard

Something interesting. I noticed at Costco they have a new plastic organizer for all your canned goods. It fits in a cabinet or closet shelf and I think holds up to 20 cans. You don’t need anything fancy though, and certainly don’t need to buy anything. Keep your cans right on the shelf and first in is first out, so add new stuff to the back. If you don’t have room in a cabinet, put your stores in inexpensive plastic boxes and stick just about anywhere, except the garage. Moderate temperatures are a must when storing food items.

Happy shopping! Check back on Friday to see what I bought.


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